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sábado, 27 de agosto de 2016

Powerball draw results from saturday 27th August 2016

Powerball - Numbers

Powerball results of the draw held Saturday 27 of August 2016. The winning numbers and prize of Powerball, United States.

You are all welcome and will discover the winning Powerball numbers today 27/8/16.

Powerball for this night has a prize more approximately of $142,000,000 dollars to the acertante of the 5 numbers winners, more the number Powerball.

I don't wait more!

Because time of winning Powerball numbers 27/8/2016.

And those numbers winners are: 4-32-48-49-63

Powerball number: 20

The additional move or Power Play is: 2 X

Them give them thank you by accompany us in another draw of Powerball and them invite for us accompany the next Saturday 27 of August 2016, to them 11 pm, ET.

The next Powerball Jackpot will be $154 million to the winner of the 5 winning numbers and the Powerball number.

Summary of dividend of Powerball 24 / 8 / 2016

• Not there was winner of the prize more
• Not there was winner, hits of 5 numbers.
• 648,744 winners in total
• $4,111,787 were distributed this evening

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Powerball winning numbers

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